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Resume Writing & interviewing Skills

The program has been designed based on research on what recruiters look for in your resume and how to design your resume to ensure that it gets shortlisted and you get that interview.

Time Management

In this highly interactive session, master the secrets of super successful people when it comes to managing time.

Interpersonal Communication
The best way to improve any relationship professional/personal is to communicate effectively. The power of communicating through different channels & mediums is something that only humans are gifted with. So get to know the simple techniques that will make you a great communicator and an attractive personality.
Effective Business Communication

People who are excellent communicators really stand out. Its not something that they are born with, but its a skill that they have honed by practicing, learning & improving everyday. Master the simple but effective techniques of becoming a good communicator

Primary Ingredients of a Professional

Being a professional is not just about exhibiting your technical skills. A professional is one who leaves a positive impression of oneself and one's organization.

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making
Today's age is the age of information and the greatest impact of information overflow is on your thinking and decision making. Good decisions are the product of strong critical thinking & thoughtful problem solving. 
Working as a Team

A team exists when individual strengths and skills are combined with teamwork, in the pursuit of a common direction or cause, in order to produce meaningful results for the team members and the organization. A team combines individual strengths with a shared commitment to performance, it’s not just about getting on well together. 

Building Confidence

We all are born as confident human beings. but somewhere along the way we loose track and find our confidence dwindling. This course will help you regain that confidence and work on being your confident self everyday

Stand and Deliver: Becoming a Masterful Presenter & Public Speaker
Today's age is the age of information and the greatest impact of information overflow is on your thinking and decision making. Good decisions are the product of strong critical thinking & thoughtful problem solving. 
Difficult Conversations

There are times in our lives when we have to communicate something that is not easy to communicate. It can be with our peers, boss, family members, children or friends. More often than not, we prefer not to communicate that issue irrespective of the fact that it might be really important and urgent, non-communication of which can lead to serious consequences. These are those difficult conversations that we often tend to avoid. This session will help enable you gain the ability to handle these conversations

Conflict Management

Where there are people working or living together, conflict is guaranteed. The trick is to manage these conflicts in a way that helps us achieve our goals without harming relationships.

Making Goals Attainable: How to Envision & Conquer Your Goals 
Envision your goal. Make them a reality. Make commitments, attain your goals, and evaluate your progress. Get to know the process to help you quickly see positive results.

Personality Development

Personality is how you see the world around  you. It is a set of characteristic that makes you different from the people round you.  This program brings about holistic development and ensures that there is enhancement in your employability skills.

Microsoft Excel
Excel is the most important tool that you should master in order to progress in your professional life. Get to know this tool in detail and change the course of your career
Microsoft Powerpoint
As  a Trainer, PowerPoint is one tool that I have been using consistently throughout my training sessions, to present my content with effectiveness. And not just for trainers, this is one of the tolls that every professional should know in order to enhance their presentation capabilities

Emotional Intelligenc

EI is more important that IQ. Understanding our emotions, being aware of it, will not only enable us to dal with situations & people effectively but is also one of the most important skills that sets aside high performers from the rest of the crowd. 

Train The Trainer
This Course is for all the the professionals who want to understand the training domain in detail, and assist their teams to get trained in their areas of expertise. This course will enable you to design and deliver programs that get results.
Managerial Effectiveness -Leadership Workshop
A Manager should is expected to be an effective leader. In this workshop you will understand the difference between a manager and a leader, the traits of an emotionally intelligent leader, understanding how to take informed decisions as a leader & more....

Personal Branding
Of all the tactics that you use to spread awareness about your brand, the most powerful tool is you yourself. In this course know how to enhance your personal brand by understanding why to invest in your personal brand.

Workplace Etiquette
Every workplace has a code of conduct which defines the acceptable behavior for employees. This is important to ensure that staff behave respectfully towards their peers and that everyone's time is respected. By having a set code of conduct, it provides a clear guide for staff on what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace.
Stress Management & Motivational Skills
Stress has become a part and parcel of our lives. We practically are living with it. But, is stress good or is it bad? What happens when I am stressed out?. How do I keep myself motivated to ensure that I achieve my goals? Is it even possible to feel motivated all the time. In this session, understand stress and find out tools and techniques to keep your motivation level at the optimum levels to give your best everyday.
Emerging Leaders

A successful leader is one who is aware of the resources available to them and focuses on leaveraging these resources and mobilizing their team.